Villa Rosa

A slice of heaven on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Rosa offers unrivalled views

Situated above the stunning coastal village of Positano, this 17th-century baroque palace is nestled high above this picturesque coastal village. The palace’s large living spaces, garden and terraces are exclusively available for your use. This means that you have sole access to five luxury bedrooms, ornately decorated halls, a deluxe fully stocked kitchen, exquisite library, seven beautiful bathrooms and your very own private relaxation space.

The Romans famously believed in “Salus per Aquam” or “Health through Water”, and you’ll be sure to believe in this too after unwinding in your villa’s very own relaxation space.
Inspired by those grand baths of ancient Rome, you can de-stress as you enjoy the pool with a swimming current and massage jets, a sauna, a Turkish bath and massage treatments in surroundings of grandeur.

Fall for the charm of this cliffside village

Take a 15-minute stroll from your villa down to the picturesque pebble beach which leads into crystal clear waters that are perfect for a gentle swim. The narrow, steep streets are filled with history and lined with trendy boutiques and inviting cafes. As the sun sets and the evening draws in, enjoy a candlelight dinner at restaurants with breathtaking views of the coast.


Discover Villa Rosa

Be sure to indulge in some of the local, freshly caught seafood dishes; a speciality of Positano that you will not want to miss.

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